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Carl Gregg


SAM Project Role

Product and Process Design Specialist

  • 3D and 2D design
  • Design for 3D printing
  • Coding and Microelectronics
Industry Experience
  • Carl has an interest in a broad range of design areas and has previously worked for a number of years teaching on various Animation and Design programmes at the University of Sunderland. He has a particular interest in using coding and technology to enhance creative expression and is currently in the final stage of a PhD exploring generative processes in design.
  • Prior to joining the SAM project, Carl managed the University’s FabLab where he engaged with wide range of clients to support them with product development and prototyping. In this role, Carl was often the first point of contact for people exploring digital prototyping tools.
My favourite…
  • My favourite (on-going) project is restoring my 1961 Land Rover which has comforting lack of any modern technology!
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